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Microphone problem seems to be back

I had a problem with microphone questions on Duo a few months ago, but since the feature was improved (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1880538), it had worked properly. Now I haven't been using Duo for about a month, and the microphone button doesn't activate the microphone when pressed (it goes blue, the waves, the stop sign and the "..." appear, but any sounds aren't recorded). I know my microphone is alright, because everything works properly using Audacity. I'm using Chrome 35.0 on Win 7 64-bit.

June 18, 2014



Same here. I'm on Firefox and even tried derpy IE; same OS here. Then again, the problem never seemed to go away for me, despite checking all my settings, reopening browsers, rebooting my system, making sure Adblock and other add-ons are off and even having reinstalled my OS and starting with a clean slate.


Confirming that I have the same problem, I use Firefox as well.


the mic on duo does not work i cannot hear to type the text


Same problem, windows 8 and Firefox. I have never been able to get it to recognize what I'm saying. It would be easier to troubleshoot and diagnose on my end if there was some way to test what Duolingo thinks I'm saying, though. Right now, I can't tell the difference between "Duolingo thinks I haven't said anything", "Duolingo thinks I'm too quiet", "Duolingo thinks my pronunciation sucks", and "Duolingo would have used different words". I'd be able to give more helpful user reports with a microphone test in the options menu.

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