Is this sentence correct? Sollen & Passive voice.

Hi all, I have just come across this sentence in my “Hammer’s German Grammar & Usage” and I was wondering if this is correct German or a typo:

“[...], dass mir das schon erklärt worden sollte”

With my rather limited knowledge of German I would have expected the verb “sollte” to have been followed an infinitive, i.e.:

either “[...], dass mir das schon erklärt werden sollte” or “[...], dass mir das schon erklärt worden sein sollte”

Is there some reason unknown to me why sollen is “followed” by two past participles rather than an infinitive or is this just a typo for the first alternative I provided?

Thanks to anyone who is able to help.

September 5, 2019


The actual sentence is wrong. I'd say it should be "dass mir das schon erklärt worden sein sollte" even though this is a very complicated construction and you won't hear many sentences like this one. In English you could translate it with "that this should already have been explained to me".

September 5, 2019

It would be helpful to know the context or the first part of the phrase. However, I thought hard about this, but I didn't come up with any meaningful explanation for the phrase. Like you, I surmise that's a typo. Your clauses on the other hand are meaningful.

September 5, 2019
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