Duolingo Progress

When I first "happened" on Duolingo in Spanish, in Dec., 2013, I would not interact with the Duolingo Community or practice the Immersion exercises because I wanted to concentrate on the Skills Tree. I also would NOT practice my French because I wanted to achieve a better command of Spanish first. (BIG mistake!!!) However, I WOULD often follow the discussions in both languages and decided ~4 months ago to "dive" into French and to interact with this GREAT, supportive Duolingo Community(SMART Move).

Today, my FRENCH has "caught up" with my Spanish (Level 25) and I have gotten so much stronger in both languages because of many things that I have learned through the DUOLINGO COMMUNITY.

I have learned that INTERACTION/IMMERSION are really key to advancement with Duolingo. I am learning SO much more by "FOLLOWNG" other Duolingo enthusiasts and especially through the Immersion articles. I look back at my first three months on Duolingo and shake my head in disbelief that I was so reluctant and took so long to start French and to interact...Bottom-line, JUST DO IT, don't wait until you feel that you are "good" enough. HEARTFELT thanks to the DUOLINGO STAFF and COMMUNITY: It DOES take a VILLAGE and YOU are my inspiration:--))

June 18, 2014


Je visité la France l’été dernier avec ma femme, pour fêter notre 25ème anniversaire de mariage, et nous avons eu un grand temps. J'ai pensé pourquoi ne pas apprendre le français. J'ai le temps. Arrive Duolingo...quatre mois plus je parle et lis niveau intermédiaire français. Bien sûr, j'étudie beaucoup d'autres livres et rassembler un grand nombre de documents provenant d'autres sites ... mais Duolingo commencé mon voyage.

June 19, 2014

Wow. I could read all of that. Thanks, Duolingo.

June 23, 2014

Quelle belle histoire!! Il y a longtemps, quand j'étais étudiante, j'ai étudié à Paris, France, pendant un an. J'habitais dans le premier arrondissement, sur Rue de Sèze, près de nombreuses attractions touristiques : La Madeleine, la Place de la Concorde, le Louvre, le Bois de la Boulogne et l'Opéra, entre autres. Comme une pauvre étudiante, il y avait beaucoup de choses que je ne pouvais pas faire. Mais, je vais revisiter la ville de sons et de lumières de nouveau- -un jour !

June 20, 2014

Congrats on your great progress and accomplishment, and in such a short time!

June 18, 2014

Many thanks!!! My goal now is to interact more with our great community and to keep on learning//improving:--))

June 18, 2014

The normal human brain kind of fears mistakes because we are socialized with fear by media and stuff; the real deal is to try to speak the language as soon as possible... I'm always doing the same mistake as well because I've never really had a real conversation in French. Things will change in the future, though ;-)

June 19, 2014
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