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Half of my mastered lessons are no longer mastered...

I've been busy and haven't used Duolingo for some time (mind you, not THAT long). I just took a look and noticed that changes had been made in the meantime. As a result, half of my mastered lessons are no longer mastered... What's the deal with that? Has anybody else experienced it? Is it a bug? If it matters for debugging purposes, I've tested out of the majority of them.

April 20, 2013



Hi! This is not a bug :) We made an update recently that shows you what skills you should practice. The bar shows your word strength for that particular skill. We found that even if you 'mastered' a skill it didn't necessarily mean you knew all the words and concepts. We think learning a language takes a lot of practice and now with the new word strength bar you can at a glance see what needs some brushing up. If you practice a lesson in the skill that is weakened you will increase the word strength. Let me know your thoughts!


Well, I, for one, like the update and appreciate the efforts of the Duolingo team. I've been surprised at times, that words and concepts I thought I understood, would give me pause for thought. It's really difficult to attain fluency in a language. Many hours of study and an almost constant exposure are required. You can't be conjugating verbs in your head while attempting conversation with a native speaker. I just want to keep the Owl happy:) When the Owl is happy....I'm happy!

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