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"Four boys and many girls sleep."

Translation:Quattuor pueri et multae puellae dormiunt.

September 5, 2019



there is some nasty shit going on


These sentences(similar one)sound so wrong lol.


"quattuor pueri multaeque puellae dormiunt" should be accepted


I'm not sure, but shouldn't it be puellaeque instead of multaeque? I normally see that ending on the noun.


Why is 'Quattour pueros et multas puellas dormiunt' wrong?


There are many different plural endings in Latin, and you have to learn the system. Puer is masculine, and masculines with the ending -er get in plural an -i: pueri. Puella is feminine, and the plural ending is -ae: puellae. The daughter languages of Latin have simplified this, like Spanish, which has a regular plural ending -(e)s. Italian, on the other hand, is closer to mother Latin: the masculine fratello (brother) is in plural fratelli, and the feminine strada (road) gets the plural form strade.


The right answer is that the subject of the sentence is in the nominative case ("pueri", "multae puellae").."-os" and "-as" are used in the accusative (object) instead

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