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  5. "I didn't order tripe stew."

"I didn't order tripe stew."

Translation:ʻAʻole au i ʻoka i ka ʻōpū kū.

September 5, 2019



A lot of times i've been getting gipped when I added the ka or ke. But this time it's required?


Aloha e @Oceanic2 , where exactly were you adding ka/ke in this sentence? It would help me understand where the issue could have been. Also, can you post a sentence here where you previously got an answer wrong for adding ka/ke when there should not have been? I need to see the sentence types to better help... ;[[


Aloha, ka/ke is used before singular nouns. For example: ke kumu, ka hale, ke pākaukau, ka puka. In this case, the tripe stew is the noun so you would place the ka before ʻōpū kū as done in the sentence.

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