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"The disrespectful young man does not read the book."

Translation:Iuvenis impius librum non legit.

September 5, 2019



is there a difference between "iuvenis impius librum non legit" and "iuvenis impius non librum legit"?


"Non" negates the word coming right behind.

So "non legit" is "not" read, and "non librum" is not a book.

Usually, we should use "non" to negate the verb, so "non legit" is the way we should say it.

Except if it means "non" + "librum legit", negating the whole "librum legit"?

But, it's much wiser to stick to the common and normal "non" + "verb".


I would also like to know this


Could 'insolens' have been an alternative answer?

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