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"اَلْباب مَكْسور في ٱلْطّابِق اَلْثّاني."

Translation:The door is broken on the second floor.

September 5, 2019



"The door on the second floor is broken" is also accepted as a correct translation (today January 2020).


My answer 'On the second floor the door is broken' was considered wrong. Actually I think that both sentences are not 'very pretty''. What about 'The door on the second floor is broken'? OK, it is another sentence but it sounds more 'normal' to me.


the door is broken on the second floor. Why not: the door on the second floor is broken ?


I'd say it is a badly sequenced sentence, both in Arabic and in English. When putting the "on the second floor" after the "broken", it qualifies (where the door is) "broken" - which doesn't make sense. The intent must have been to qualify which DOOR is broken, so in both languages the "on the second floor" should appear immediately after the "door", and the "broken" at the end of tge sentence.


So I should imagine a multi-story door with a piece broken on the second floor?


Am I right that to make this "the broken door is on the second floor" it'd be الباب المكسور قي الطابق الشاني؟


I put this answer too at first. My inititial thought was that the option should have been allowed but on seeing the other examples it seems that when putting the adjective after a noun with an article (rather that after what would be an English verb to be), the adjective must also take an article, as you have proposed as the correct solution.


why not, the door on the second floor is broken?


Do you really need "is" here? How would you say "the broken door on the second floor"?


You need "is" when you go from definit to indefint. اَلْباب مَكْسور : The door is broken The broken door : الباب المكسور


why not: the door on the second floor is broken?


It is about the boken door and where it is. The answer is senseless.


This sentence sounds like you can move the door anywhere and anytime you want and the door is broken because you move it to the second floor.


My answer is The broken door is on the second floor

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