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  5. "مِن أَيْن أَنْتِ يا زَيْنة؟"

"مِن أَيْن أَنْتِ يا زَيْنة؟"

Translation:Where are you from, Zeina?

September 5, 2019



Well, I for one consider Zeina to be a refreshing change from the overused Rosa and Judy.


Why "where are you from?"


This is how you would ask the question in normal English conversation. 'From where do you come?' would not be used as, whilst it also correct, it is not the standard, everyday phraseology one would use.


Frankly, I feel like throwing in the towel. Just in order to not run into more delays, I indulged your ideas about grammar and wrote, "where are you from" instead of "from where are you" which I normally would. Now, you fault me for my transliteration? As vowels, I use a-i-u which seems to be an international standard. If you have come to accept my MUHAMMAD which follows the same system, why not Zaina—even more so since the pronunciation would be the same?


I lost my 3rd heart for writing Zajna instead of Zeina. Well, how great that is?


How about Xena for zeina?


Really ?...


i'm confused. in the module "Phrases", which i was reviewing today, i translated "where are you from?" as 2anta min 2ayn. It was marked wrong and corrected as min 2ayn anta. then earlier in this module "Hi", i was asked to translate 2anta min 2ayn and "Where are you from" was correct. Now, in this exercise, we're back to min 2ayn anta. What am i missing here???

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