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"Aren't we talking about two different things here?"

Translation:Reden wir hier nicht über zwei verschiedene Sachen?

April 20, 2013



can I use "Dinge" instead of "Sachen" here?


couldn't we say "reden wir da nicht über zwei verschiedene Sachen"?


duolingo didn't accept that translation


In that case, please tell the zoo-keepers to feed the teaching robot ;-)


what is diffenence between 'andres' and 'verschieden'?


"Anders" means different from something or refers to something else, e.g. "Das ist etwas ganz Anderes." could be translated to "That is something else entirely."

"Verschieden" on the other hand is relative and used when multiple things have differences between them, like in this duolingo sentence. In particular it is normally never used with singular objects, unless you use it in the form "Objekt eins ist verschieden von Objekt zwei."

In many cases both can be translated as "different" and sometimes you could express the same meaning using either word, although you might have to modify the sentence structure to make it work.


Or? Reden wir nicht hier über zwei verschieden Sachen?


That sounds like the German equivalent to "Are we talking about two different things not here?", i.e. the "nicht" or "not" would modify the word "hier"/"here" and not the verb of the sentence. It also sounds rather awkward in both languages.

The translation given by duolingo is entirely fine, as are the ones suggested by "Biomax" and "karenskywalker" in their comments.


If this is rhetorical question then wouldn't "doch" or "schon" work in place of "hier"?


No, neither of them works here.

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