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ins zum zu im am! Bitte helfen...


I'm trying to get my head around the above via the following sentences. If anyone can enlighten me, that would make me sehr glücklich!

Ich gehe INS bett (I go to bed)

Wie komme ich bitte ZUM Theater (how do I get to the theatre)

Zu Abend (in the evening)

Ich trainiere im Park (I train in the park)

Am Wochenende (in the weekend)

Essentially is there anyway of telling when to use zu versus in?

April 20, 2013



It's tricky, but generally you use "in" when you're going inside someplace (like you go into bed, or into the park). In your example "Wie komme ich bitte zum Theater?" that's sort of emphasizing that you want to get to the theatre, but not necessarily inside it. So if you wanted to say "I'm going to the movies" (like, to see a movie) you would say "Ich gehe ins Kino" because you need to go inside the actual building to see the movie. I found this website which explains a lot of prepositions including the ones you mention: http://www.lsa.umich.edu/german/hmr/grammatik/Praepositionen/Prepositions.html#wohin I hope this helps!


Vielen dank. Das ist sehr hilfreich!

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