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"You do not live in the city of Savannah, Bob."

Translation:لا تَسْكُن في مَدينة سافانا يا بوب.

September 6, 2019



Can you, please, explain to me how you came up with YOUR pronunciation of Savanna—which sounds to me as with 4 syllables rather than 3—"Safananna"—I mean that superfluous "NAN" ???

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The audio is not correct, like many on this course on Duolingo.
The audio is created by a speech machine and not a real speaker. This is why it has lot of mistakes in it.


The pronunciation is incorrect, as is the case with many other pronunciations in this course. I can't blame machines here as I can clearly tell it was a human who pronounced it and probably another checked/edited it. A human with an accent too.


Shouldn't this be يسكن instead because Bob is a man?

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This is true for 3rd singular male person

but here we have 2nd singular male person (Bob), hence it is تسكن (taskun)

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