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Writing the Alif waslah Arabic diacritic

Does anyone know how to write this on a smartphone keyboard? It's called the Alif Waslah; it negates the Alif pronunciation. This is what it looks like: ٱ https://pollylingu.al/ar/en/items/33326

Thank you!

September 6, 2019


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this is Alif waslah ( ا ) . === في الجامعة

September 6, 2019


But according to Duolingo, the Alif waslah has a little lying-down 8 symbol on top of the Alif. Like this: ٱ I know that they're usually not written, but do you know how I could write it on the keyboard?

September 6, 2019


Just type (Alif) and press (shift) with (Q or W or E and R) on the keyboard

September 6, 2019


If you're on Android and use Gboard, you can hold the regular Alif key and see the additional versions. Hope that helps.

September 9, 2019


i made a list at top of my notes and use it to cut and paste these like the alif dagger. then i just cut and paste them.

tj_q8 said they are rarely seen

September 6, 2019


Ah. Smart. Too bad that there doesn't seem to be some sort of keyboard shortcut to recreate it...

September 6, 2019
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