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Audio hard to understand

First of all thank you for creating the Latin course, it’s an incredible help. I do have to admit, that the audio is an acquired taste. I’ve been taking Latin classes for 5 years now and I still have trouble understanding the speakers in the listening exercises of this course. I would be guessing the speakers are Italian and/or very well educated, so I presume their pronunciation is very much correct. It would still be greatly appreciated if maybe they could articulate themselves more clearly as to help new speakers learn pronunciation better and to make the listening exercises more manageable.

Again thank you for the hard work that has been put into this course and thanks for still working on it and making it even more enjoyable.

September 6, 2019



I think the issues are more with the recording epuipment, not everybody has studio quality equipment at home.

Personally, I think it's not too difficult to get used to the slightly grainy audio quality. (Though I have occasionally been thrown by the longish gap between two sentence halves, clicking enter just when the second half of the sentence starts being said... XD Another reason to type the sentences rather than using tiles... XD)


Occasionally a sentence is difficult to hear correctly, but about 98% of the time things are okay (IMHO), even if the audio quality, as opposed to the pronunciation quality, can be rather low grade.

You are the first person I've seen who did not complain about an "American" accent (mostly the r's) but rather complained about a European/Italian accent! IMHO you are more right than they are, for beginners, due to words being run together a bit.

It can really help to not read any onscreen text until you've listened to the audio and done your best to hear what is being said. And then for the sentences that were tough to hear, listen to the audio again after you've given your reply. Keep working that way for a while and you may notice great improvement in what you are understanding by ear.

Anyway, just keep trying! Latin is really worthwhile.


you are right - very difficult to understand the sentences


There are some sounds I've struggled with, particularly 'qu' and 'ph' I think, where I've had to repeat the audio several times because it isn't clear. This is independent of accent and vowel quantity.


I honestly turned audio off for this course, the woman's broad Irish and the man's over-enunciation were a bit much for me. I don't think either are native speakers of Romance languages.

Ultimately audio, isn't really important for learning Latin at least.


It is a little rough, but it sure beats to audio.


I have no criticism of the accents! It’s great to hear the latin being pronounced. But why is the audio quality so poor on this course? It sounds like something from a 1940’s broadcast, complete with a ‚click’ at the end of the sentence when the microphone is switched off. Or are the speakers using an original Roman tape recorder for authenticity? :-)

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