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Is this the final version of the Latin tree?

Just wondering if the tree is going to continue to get developped... There doesn't seem to be a lot of sections right now, quite a few actually.

That said, I do understand this is the first version and I appreciate all the work done on the Latin course, thank you so much!

September 6, 2019



No, the tree will be in beta for a while. Then, after we have a better idea of how to use Duolingo to teach Latin, we'll start expanding. Just realize that's a long way off.


First of all, thank you very much for THIS FANTASTIC COURSE and for your huge effort. I am looking forward continuing with the next "branches" of the tree, and I hope it will be ready soon... VALETE!!


I think the first priority is getting all the alternate translations into the system, adding tips and notes for the other skills that need them, possibly adding audio for single words (at least I have been noticing that for some words) and then eventually getting the tree out of beta (which is tied in with less sentences being reported).

But the course developers have said elsewhere that they do have plans to expand the course eventually.

The course as it is actually reminds me a bit of the first part of the Spanish course, taking things slow and steady with plenty of review rather than rushing to try to stuff in as much as possible in a small space. It's a good solid foundation that won't need to be changed once they developers have time to add more, in other words, very promising! :)


Of course not! They will have to update the tree at some point. It's just a matter of time and patience.


No. This is a beta tree, which is purposely shorter so that they can gather information about user response, bugs, etc.

When it graduates, you may expect it to still be the same tree, but they will keep updating it and improving it like most of the other trees.


Considering that this is in beta, each of us should make a point of suggesting corrections to the staff or alternate ways of saying the same thing. I still get notes from Duolingo that suggestions i made for other languages have been accepted. I am sure they do not object to suggestions made in good faith.


No it is the first trial lesson (beta).

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