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"I do not sleep well in the city."

Translation:In urbe non bene dormio.

September 6, 2019



Does it matter for latin grammar... which order the adverbs are in? Can I say "in urbe bene non dormio"? Or is there a general order for those?


"Non", as a general rule, should be earlier in the sentence than the word it is negating, which in this case is "bene".


When "non" is separated with other words from the word it negates, isn't it poetry only?

EDIT: I am now able to answer my own 3weeks-old question:

"Non" has to be immediately before the word it negate, it would make no sense, even in poetry, to have an hyperbaton considering this rule.


The order is not very strict in the Latin ,I think it depends on the part of sentence which you are going to emphasis on


Any reason why 'non' shouldn't come first, before 'in urbe', so the sense is 'It's not in the city that I sleep well'?


Do we know which syllable is accentuated in multi-syllable words?

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