Io voglio poter parlare italiano.

I have read , courtesy of another thread, an interesting and very recent article about fluency; a number of observations resounded strongly with me.

These days, people suggest immersion and the use of the target language in the classroom. I recall my school days when on occasion a teacher attempted such a technique with us. Terrifying!! Memorable! An icebreaker and stimulating; the truth about one's capacity and level, yes indeed.

I am impressed by the quality of the Italian Duo Lingo course although it was not the first time that I have had a go at the language which helps really. I have followed this course by now for approximately 4 months, and am actually amazed at my own achievements.

I have recently at times attended a DuoLingo Meet which involves a few linguistic challenges. Some people have wanted to go on Whats App from there, and presumably isolated individuals may locate Italian people to talk with online which is not my cup of tea really but as regards DL Meets I have quite liked spending time with likeminded individuals.

Con i migliori auguri.

September 6, 2019


Hi there, Linda! Thanks for the reply. I am studying hard too. Do you have a DuoLingo Meet locally or perhaps one that you could attend whilst on a trip somewhere (less embarrassing)? The one that I have been to already existed but was apparently contacted by DuoLingo and invited to become a Meet. The guy who runs the event is great ; we get an informal language related talk and slideshow by a speaker as an introduction, then we are able to sit and chat or play language games (Scrabble in Italian last time) at language-specific tables (we can mingle and join other tables, if we wish). Most participants but not all are in the grey sector, and have visited the country of their target language more than once! It is friendly and relaxing although at the same time challenging. Why is it that sometimes the wrong word comes out, or gains a different meaning, or ...well, you know!.... I think that you are at a very high level myself, Linda, but it is different producing language though we are all in it together! Tanti auguri, Dorothy

September 6, 2019

I have never attended a Meet but have loved every minute of Duolingo Italian and practice every day without fail, while pretending to be just that little bit fluent:-) Still not brave enough to do or other chat sites, one day perhaps. We have an Italian/English forum for general "chat" if you wish to know more. Tanti auguri Dorothy.

September 6, 2019

I lived in Milan and Bussolengo near Verona. I still am pretending to be fluent, too, Linda.

EDIT: I am now singing 'Tanti Auguri' for no reason at 3am in the morning.

September 6, 2019
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