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  5. "You come from home."

"You come from home."

Translation:Tu domo venis.

September 6, 2019



Is 'domo' doing something weird again here, this time assuming the 'ab'?


Yes, nouns with the locative will drop the preposition for place from which and place to which constructions.


So, how do you determine which nouns require the preposition?


Nouns that use the locative (cities, towns, small islands [usually only have one city or town on them], and a few other nouns like domus) will drop the preposition.

Nouns that do not use the locative (like urbs) will not (or at least not normally if there are any weird cases I am forgetting).


i would love it if there were some kind of help text associated with the lessons here... reading stuff like this would help make sense of the locatives the first time through. thanks for the comment.


I've been thinking about this. I wish they had help text or charts with all the endings or something.


I believe it does but only on the laptop not phones for whatever reason.


How does one tell if domo is "from home" or "to home" in this wentence?


If we are talking about a physical movement 'to home' we would use domum, works as though there is an ad in front (like ad urbem -> "to the/a city"). Tu domum venis -> "You come home."

If you are trying to differentiate between the ablative and the dative, that will likely depend on context, what verb is being used, etc. I don't see how you could use the dative here but maybe someone else would know.


So in the locative case we don't differentiate betweet "ad + accusative" and "in + accusative" ?


I see. Thank you for explaining that.


No it's not doing something weird. In this case "from" is the key. Since "you" are leaving home behind. Home remains neutral. Domo. The opposite would be "going to home" in this case home becomes actively involved so in order to identify this behavior it does change.


That's an interesting way to think about it. Thank you.


why is domo venis not accepted but tu domo venis is accepted?


Ab domi venis = accepted (26/01/2021).

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