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Timed practice suggestions

Regarding timed practice:

– doesn't take into account longer vs shorter sentences. If you get a few long sentences to type, you run out of time immediately – doesn't pause when you're reading a correction. When you make a mistake, the timer should pause so you have the time to read the correct answer and learn from it.

June 18, 2014



Hi Archphilarch, thanks for the suggestions!

There have been some really long discussions about whether or not the Timed Practice should be paused. You might be able to find them by using the Search function back in the general discussion forum lobby. As for the long/short sentence time gains, I'll have to check that out. For a long time you got the same amount of time. Then, it changed to give differing time extensions based on the length. I wasn't aware that this had changed back. runs off to go check

EDIT for update: I just did a timed practice for the Household skill. The amount of time I received varied between 7 and 15 seconds from what I could tell. I received 9 seconds more often than any other length of extension. I believe I used to receive 7 seconds before time began to vary, though, I'm not certain. It is possible that I'm in a test group. :)


Would it be possible to slow down the Russian timed practice ? Having to switch between keyboards slows me way down ( not that my Russian typing is that blazingly fast to start with! ) I could try using the phonetic latin alphabet option, but having learnt in Cyrillic from the start, it looks pretty strange, and probably is not so useful in fixing the words in your head.


I'm not certain either. In any way I feel the timed practice is too hard. I can complete almost all of my non-timed exercises, but with timed practice I rarely get past 5 answers. That's frustrating. I can type blind (though I admittedly type a lot of mistakes) and I use the shortcuts to speed things up, but I use a qwerty keyboard so having to use key combinations to get accents slows things down.


have you tried changing your keyboard settings to French? I have mine set up for Italian and have dedicated keys for accented letters; it helps a lot!


I used to type on an azerty but I find switching between keyboard layouts very confusing. I'll give it a try though, thanks for the suggestion.


the layout of my letters is the same, but I have è,ò,à,ì,ù on the punctuation keys at the right hand side of the keyboard; hope you can find that sort of set up. When I started timed practice I rarely got more than a few, but now I usually get all the way through without a problem.


timed practice should start warning with the ticking clock @ 10 seconds left. 5 seconds doesnt give you enough time to speed up.

pausing is not necessary if you get a review / summary of your mistakes afterwards, i believe.

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