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Gratias vobis ago! (another "just finished" post)

I would like to thank the creators of this course for a very pleasant renewed dive into the language of Cicero. I finished a few days ago and am now working my way to level 5 on every lesson.

It was also the occasion for me to discover Duolingo and I must say that I'm really impressed by this app.

I would have a question: what will be the difference between the beta version and the official version? Can we hope for more content beyond the level 3 treshold?

Gratias vobis ago! "Psittaci ebrii sunt" like Seneca would say.

September 6, 2019



Congrats on finishing the Latin course! :-)

As far as I know, "Beta" means that the course may be incomplete, not yet technically stable, and that solutions might still be missing.

Therefore, I think a course that is "Beta" is simply not yet as reliable as a completed course. We as learners should be aware of this, and not be frustrated if our correct solution is not accepted in an exercise, for example.

Currently, correct solutions sent in by the participants are being added (this week, I got a whole bunch of "we now accept your translation" messages). In this way, the skills that are already there will be improved.

I think that after that, further skills will be added. Currently, the Latin course has only 22 skills, we can't use past or future tenses; so as a language course it is just a first (but great!) start.

In other languages, I have seen more skills added to the course in the course of time.

I discovered Duolingo a little more than two years ago, and I am still enjoying it immensely because it is a learning system - just like me. ;-)

Happy continued learning! :-)


Thank you! Right, it would be good to see some conjugation, etc. However, as you said, it is already a good way to learn or un-dust one's Latin. I might work on my Spanish or my German afterwards... :)


I have been studying foreign languages with Duolingo for more than three years now and I always find it fascinating to dive into a new language such as Latin. And you are right: The work of all the programmers, contributors and moderators of all these courses can't be valued high enough.

As to the Latin course, I am thrilled, because I have been waiting for such a course almost for decades and hope to be able to read and write Seneca as confidently as you do.


Haha! It would be quite humorous if we stumbled upon psittaci while reading Seneca after this course.

I cannot imagine how sweet that must be for you to see this course coming to life after all this time. I'm going to follow your suit and try other languages after completing Latin I think!


I’m enjoying this new course immensely, though I can’t help wondering whether the fall of Rome might have been helped along by all of those drunken parrots. I earned the golden owl and am committed to reaching level 5 in every skill. I do hope that the course will be expanded eventually to include other tenses, moods and constructions, as well as more comprehensive explanations of the cases. But for now, this is an excellent start!


"I can’t help wondering whether the fall of Rome might have been helped along by all of those drunken parrots" haha! We better fetch a historian and tell him about your hunch! You might be unto something.


Sure, there's plenty of development needed in the beta version of Latin but it is an enjoyable start and the development will come.


I just realized that I can use Duolingo on the browser as well. And as I did a few lessons that way, I noticed a "bulb" icon which, once clicked on it, gives you all sorts of grammatical informations. That is awesome! Do any of you know why I don't seem to be able to see this "bulb" icon on my phone (android)?


The lightbulbs are only available on the web. There are languages (French and Spanish, I believe) that also have them on the phone).

I prefer using the web version because of these "Tips and notes", and because typing is easier on the laptop than on the phone (in the web version, there are far fewer word-tile exercises, much more typing, which is more challenging).


Different platforms for Duolingo have variations in the features available. My experience is that the most features are available on the computer, with the phone (iOS in my case) being more limited. Also, in my experience, the lightbulb is not available on every lesson.


Thank you for the answers! I do enjoy these "bulbs" informations so I'm going to use the app on the web then.

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