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"How many students do you have?"

Translation:Quot discipulos habetis?

September 6, 2019



I would say that habes is also correct. Did you report it?


Because "you" is plural. singular you = habes plural you = habetis


Elsewhere... if "you" is plural, its habitatis.

And how are we supposed to know it's plural? Or masculine?

This makes no sense


It may also be a matter of formality. The plural form of you is used when making polite inquiries and polite conversation with strangers, elders, or others to whom you wish to show courtesy.


Maybe my brain is getting blurry because I’m also doing French with Duo, but just as you sometimes indicate you want the feminine form, it would be useful to know if you’re looking for the plural "you". In this sentence "one teacher + students" sounds more likely than "many teachers + students"

Edit: I suppose the clue is in the name of the exercise!


Why cant i use "discipuli" here?


Because you need the accusative case, which is "discipulos".


Any difference here between Quot and Quanti? Or at all, for that matter?

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Quot = how many [of what number] Quanti = how much [of what size, of what amount, of what degree, of what number, of what worth, of what price]

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Quot discipulas habetis?


Is there a way to ask for the total number of pupils a teacher has (male and female)?

I ask because in English this same question is understood in this way: "How many male and female students do you have?". But the translation that Duolingo indicates discriminates against male students, and I think that what was intended to be asked in the translation is a bit lost.

Thank you in advance.

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