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  5. "Male loquitur."

"Male loquitur."

Translation:He speaks badly.

September 6, 2019



For anyone wondering 'loquor' and 'loquitur' are part of a kind of verb called 'deponent verbs'. They take the same form as the passive verb conjugations, but are active in meaning. This means that they have no obvious passive form because it is the same for both.


so does that mean that the two forms are interchangeable? or is one form not used at all?


Deponent verb conjugations always use the endings that other verbs would only use for the passive voice. They never use the endings that other verbs use for the active voice.


Using macrons to indicate long vowels, the first word in this sentence should be male not māle. I have reported this as "The audio does not sound correct."

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