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  5. "Triginta olivas velit."

"Triginta olivas velit."

Translation:He would like thirty olives.

September 6, 2019



Re pronunciation - listen twice or more. It becomes clearer. Also write the words which are clear, listen write again. It works for me even with slight hearing loss. The listening tasks are challenging but to me, supercede any other language course I've tried.


As far as the translation goes, is there a difference between "wants" and "would like" ?


There should be, but I'm too far out of high school to remember :-(


Yes. The forms here are subjunctive (literally would want) rather than indicative (want).


Can we tell the difference between "he would like" and "she would like" without the pronoun in anyway?


No; the verb forms used when "he" or "she" is the subject are identical.

Either the context will tell you, or there will be a noun or pronoun to indicate whether it's a he or a she.

(In the perfect passive tenses, which are formed by combining a participle with the verb "to be," gender can be distinguished:

for example, "He was sent" would be Missus est , whereas "She was sent" would be Missa est (using the perfect passive participle of the verb "to send" : mittō, mittere, mīsī, missus ).


Tibi quoque grātiās agō!


Instead of "triginta" she said "sekinta" : don't know any Latin word like that!!

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