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  5. "Nemo fulmina contorquet."

"Nemo fulmina contorquet."

Translation:No one hurls thunderbolts.

September 6, 2019



So finding nemo = finding no one?


Nemo is a name that crops up historically in literature for a man who wanders the seas. Derives from the Osyssey, where it was indeed a name meaning no-one.


My name is Nobody...

Nemo is also a very popular character in Jules Vernes (20000 lieux sous les mers). I don't know why he was named so, but there's a reason. For the little fish, it's probably the association of ideas Captain Nemo -> water -> fish.
Unless there's another hidden reason in addition.


I believe Nemo in Jules Verne's novel is a man exiled from his native country, who thus has no identity - no nationality to identify himself with - and therefore takes on the name "Nemo". I think one explanation was that Jules Verne, being a Frenchman, imagined Nemo as an Indian, fighting the Brittish ships as an opposition to the Brittish occupation of his country. But this wasn't explicitly stated in the novel of course.


This guy's delivery is fun to listen to


Except Jupiter.


Duo would be wise not to insult the gods


He doesn't care, as he has already done away with them


Would throw not work in place of hurl or is there a distinction between throwing something and throwing something violetly (to hurl).


What ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ names their sone No-one, no wonder that bad father los their son


According to me, the -a on fulmina means it's singular... but maybe it's a different conjugation? Can someone enlighten me?


"fulmen, fulminis" is a third declension neuter noun, so in this case "fulmina" signals plural accusative and of course neuter.


Says the sceptic who doesn't believe in Iuppiter ir Thor.


Don't push your edgy atheism on us, Duo!! /s

[deactivated user]

    According to Hans Ørberg's sidenote on chap. X of LLPSI, 'némó' < ne + homó = núllus homó, which translates directly to 'no man', therefore I think my answer—'no man asks the goddesses'—should be accepted.

    • Jupiter crying at the corner *
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