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"كَري مُتَرْجِمة أَمْريكِيّة سَريعة."

Translation:Carrie is a fast American translator.

September 7, 2019



Why is the -tun ending not added to Carrie? Is it not necessary to put case endings after names?


Nunation is not added to non-Arabic names.


And to Arabic names?


Nunation is added to Arabic names.


Yeah, but Carrie is also a Subject in this sentence and for that reason not conjugated. As you would say هي مترجمة أمريكية سريعة. No ta_marbuta on hiya.


When did the pronunciation and narrators change? I've been doing this course since May of this year and am having a really hard time translating from pure audio now. When did "tun" start getting added to the end of words and why? Any one else a bit lost now, too?


I noticed a change in February 2021


What is the word formation of Arabic sentences? Subject verb object? Object verb subject??


In this sentence it is easy to understand that Carrie is american, but if it was english instead of american in this sentence. How can I know if the "american"(or english, portuguese, etc) is her nationality and not the language that she translates?


Since there could be confusion, you would use more words to insure there is no mistaking what you mean. You could say "Carrie is an English translator who translates Arabic into English", or "Carrie, who is from England, translates foreign languages into English", or "Carrie, who is English, translates English into Arabic", etc.


Sorry wrote american twice


They should tell us how to spell names sometimes they're different


These questions are kind of silly. What is an american translator? They speak english in the USA.

Other questions said "Tunisian" or "Syrian" translator - but they all soeak arabic. Yeah they have their own dialects but they are all arabic translators.

Pleaee give us questions with substance.


??? An American translator is an American who can translate back and forth between two or more languages; say from English to Arabic and Arabic to English. A Tunisian translator is a Tunisian who can translate from two or more languages; say Arabic to French and English, French and English to Arabic, English to French....

When you go to a foreign country where you don't speak the language, one of the first things you're going to need is someone who can translate for you.


I am an American. I sometimes translate things in my job. That makes me an American translator.


It's okay dude, you need more learning

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