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  5. "He is Marcus."

"He is Marcus."

Translation:Is est Marcus.

September 7, 2019



Really this would be better as just Marcus est or est Marcus.


Correct me if I'm wrong (I only started learning 6 days ago), but wouldn't est Marcus/Marcus est be what you'd use to generally say "that person is Marcus," whereas Ille/Is est Marcus would be preferable in a context where his gender is important, in order to emphasize that Marcus is a male?


You are not wrong. Ille and is are used for emphasis. est Marcus is more correct.


More natural, because it doesn't use a usually unnecessary emphasis. But more correct, no.

More correct would mean that the other one is not perfectly grammatical, (= shouldn't be used, never, in no context.)


1.You are right "Marcus est" is ok. 2.The gender is not emphasized by pronouns. 3. Is/Iste means "that one" Ille means "the one over there".


It could be better, except:

  • If it's a beginner course, in the first lessons, requiring to teach us pronoun.
    Hey, I think we are in this case!

  • If there's the need to disambiguate the person, if it's a "he" or a "she".
    Maybe they say "Is est Marcus" because they want to know it's a male (the person doesn't know about the -us ending being masculine).


What is the difference between "es" and "est"?


es is used for you and est is used for he/she. So "Puer es"= you are a boy & "Puer est"= he is a boy


I thought es means are and est means is. Are there other sentences where you would use es for you but it doesnt necessarily mean are? Hopefully that made sense


"Hic" is given in the hints-dictionary. When would be "hic" correct to translate "he"? In what kind of sentences?


What's the difference between Ea/Ei and Is?


What is the difference between "Is est Marcus" and "Ille est Marcus"


Trop facile, super Å‚atwe

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