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Stuck in "Refresh"

At some point I must have hit a button for "refresh," as in refresh my skill level. Now I'm stuck continually at the "refresh" level, can't proceed to next level.

Please help me "level up."

July 24, 2012


  • ( Basics 2 ) ( German Skill Tree ) has only 9 lessons
  • after that you can only refresh
  • at your skill tree I see, that you have already ( learned ) ( Basic 2 )
  • so you can already ... proceed with the ( food )-Skill
  • if you first want to ( mastered ) ( Basic 2 ) ... you have to refresh ( Basic 2 ) and get points for that
  • in each ( skill section ) you can hover with your mouse over the points and then you become the information how many points you need to ( master ) the skill
  • for example: you need 21 more skill points to master this skill
  • this means you have to refresh 2 more times ... 2 * 13 Points = 26 Points


It's normal after you've mastered a skill, that you can only do "refresh" exercises.

Are you sure you've met all the conditions for unlocking the next skill? Where are you now? (Language, next skill to unlock)

Also make sure you refresh the DL home page if you've just learned a skill and the next does not unlock immediately.


I'm stuck on "Basics 2" lesson 9. When I hit basics 2 on the home page, it presents me with a button that says "refresh this skill," I can't get to lesson 10. I've "mastered" basics 1.

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