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"Mein Hut ist rot, seine Hüte sind blau."

Translation:My hat is red, his hats are blue.

September 7, 2019


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Hi all. Why not meiner?

September 7, 2019


mein Hut is a nominative, singular, masculine (<-- der Hut) possessive determiner. Meiner is a possesive pronoun. To illustrate this: You don't say This is mine hat in Englisch, either. You use the possessive determiner my instead of the possessive pronoun mine. Same in German.

September 7, 2019


Hi Pieter,

Think about this: Would you say "Ein Hut ist rot" or "Einer Hut ist rot?". "Ein" would be correct. "Einer ist rot" would also be correct if you meant to say "One is red" with one referring to a single masculine object.

Examples: Mein Hut ist rot. Meine Tüte ist rot. Mein Haus ist rot. Meine Hüte sind rot.

Mein Hut in this case is the subject of the sentence (nominative case).

Meiner would only be used in the genitive/dative singular feminine or in the genitive plural. An example: "Einer dieser Hüte ist meiner/gehört mir" = "One (of) these hats is mine/belong (to) me"

Another case is when you're trying to say "mine". Consider the two following examples: "Das ist mein Hut" vs "Das ist meiner". When referring to a masculine noun in the nominative, you can use meiner to indicate the substantival possessive.

September 8, 2019
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