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Automatic Translations Available

Hey, I was wondering-- whenever I see a word [especially when translating a sentence], I want to know the verbs closely associated with that word, to help me translate the sentence it's in. I was wondering if Duolingo were planning on making it so that the infinitive form of the verb were available [if there were an associated verb], instead of, say, an attempted translation of what the whole word means [as in, for example, if someone were to have "voy" in a sentence, "ir" should be available to me, as well as, perhaps, "to go", instead of simply, "I go". I was also wondering if anyone else kind of feels the same way [in other words, I really think a lot about the verbs in a sentence when I try to translate it, more so than really any of the other words in the sentence-- is that strange?]

April 11, 2012

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Duolingo already has that. I would guess that you have to reach a certain level before that comes up. At some point (I didn't pay attention to when) I found that Duolingo started offering a CONJUGATE button at the bottom of the possible translations list of some verbs, but not all.

I check conjugation tables at http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-spanish-verb-vivir.html

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