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"Surely you do not live in Boston?"

Translation:Num Bostoniae habitas?

September 7, 2019



"Num habitas Bostoniae" is not correct?


Just report it. It's ok.


I tried "Num habitasne Bostoniae?" but it was counted as wrong. Is it an acceptable alternative?

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'Num' and '-ne' both indicate a question; only one of them would be acceptable - so either 'num bostoniae habitas' - 'Surely you don't live in Boston' or 'habitasne bostoniae' - 'Do you live in Boston?' (the first one being the question, of course).


Thanks ci4ic4! How do you pronounce your username, btw? I tried a couple of creative versions, and now want to know the truth! :)


It's that non-existent word order again! Wouldn't it be easier to say that verbs go at the end?


Why are you calling it non-existent? The verb is more common at the end, but it's not mandatory at all.

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Why "Num tu bostoniae habitas?" is not accepted?


Report if you think it's ok.


It seems that if I use "in" for "in Boston" or another city, it is wrong, but if I don't use the preposition it is wrong because I left it out. I would appreciate some explanation for when "in" is used and when it is not.


It's a locative, locatives don't use the "in", as it's already included in their meaning.

Locative are only used (and mandatory for) cities, towns, and small islands.

And a few exceptions words like humus, domi, and rus.


Does anyone know if Insula Vectis (= the Isle of Wight) would qualify as a small island?


Cities use the locative for location, not in + Abl. That's why it's Bostoniae.


Can someone explain to me why "Num vos Bostoniae habitas" is incorrect?


Vos is the the 'plural you' and if uses has to go with a 'plural you' form of the verb: habitatis.

Habitas is the 'singular you' form of the verb and would take tu as a pronoun if used.


Does "Num" always substitutes "Non" I wrote " Num Bostoniae non habitas?" I'm confused about this, thank you in advance!

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