How do you use the word "my"?

Sorry if his is a stupid question. Im just confused about the usage of "my" whether its plural or singular, there is like 3 or 4 different "my"s which confuses me. Any clarification will help.

September 7, 2019, 3:07 PM

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Yeah I think you are right. 4 ways of saying my, depending on the quantity and gender. 3 of them are for singular tho, so dont panic.

Мой/Моя/Моё - singular. Masculine, feminine and neutar. ( in that order ) Мои - plural. Used for all genders.

Мой карандаш - my pencil, Моя книга - my book, Моё ремесло - my craft.

I believe thats their neutral state tho, because dont forget the words will change because of the cases depending on the context, but not always. Its tough I know, but keep on learning, sometimes they stay the same. Languages are like that, they can be weird! :))

If I would say "Have you seen my pencil?" it would look like this: - Ты не видел мой карандаш?

So it stayed the same in this case. However with a feminine version, of, lets say the word book that we used before - " Have you seen my book?" then it would look like this: - Ты не видел мою книгу?

So you can see the endings of the two words "my" and "book" have changed because the cases affect them in this context.

Hope it helps! And I hope you do not get discouraged. Most importantly is to keep on speaking. The order of words and the right words first and foremost are much more important to convey the message, grammatical perfection will come if that is one of your goals :)

Good Luck!


September 7, 2019, 3:26 PM
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