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"Quot fratres et sorores habet Marcus?"

Translation:How many brothers and sisters does Marcus have?

September 7, 2019



I am mother tongue English from England and have spoken it for six decades; it is frustrating to have ‘How many brothers and sisters has Marcus’ as incorrect. It is quite acceptable.


Yup, I did that too. Still marked wrong.:(


What is wrong with how many brothers and sisters has Marcus ?


I know it's a listening exercise, but could habet have come after Marcus?


Not very different, Marcus habet or habet Marcus. I think the only difference is that in first form you emphasise on Marcus, for example when you have asked the same question about "John" recently and now you ask it about Marcus.


Has Marcus?___Does Marcus have? Why does Duo not see that both are correct? Please explain to this English Speaker.


Why didn't the verb go at the end?


The verb does not have to go at the end in Latin, it is just the common way of doing it. If you got marked wrong for putting it at the end, next time report it.

The only placement that matters in this sentence is the quot with fratres et sorores as far as I know.


Because Latin language is very flexible ... some times I think it is a "LIQUID LANGUAGE"


More general comment, but clicking on the turle icon to listen to the phrase does not slow the speech down


The turtle tends to only work with language courses that use a text-to-speech voice. Language courses, like this Latin one, that use recorded audio do not have slowed audio from my experience.


I do not believe that using fratres et sorores is very idiomatic Latin, pace modern sensibilities. Just quot fratres? should include siblings of either sex, like filii or other masculine words standing for mixed-gender groups.


Does the ending for "Marcus" change if your refering to him as opposed to making him the subject?

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