I turned most exercises into speaking exercises

Italian spelling is fairly easy and I was tired of typing the same words over and over. I wanted to make sure I could make myself understood by speaking more, and wished I had more of the speaking exercises. So I figured out how to turn any exercise that requires written Italian into a speaking exercise.

I installed the Italian keyboard on my phone. Now it understands me in Italian when I speak (using the same way you would speak to text for a text message or whatever). It's really gratifying when Siri understands what I'm saying. It's also a lot faster but also more challenging than typing out Italian over and over.

The disadvantages to learning this way are that you don't learn spelling as well. You still have to check your work, but it's easier. Also, autocorrect is always on so it hurts your spelling learning a second way. But for me, the advantages of thinking of what the answer is, how I will actually say it, then checking my work outweighs the disadvantages.

Sorry if everyone already knew this. I didn't see it mentioned on any Duolingo discussions previously.

September 7, 2019


You could record yourself.

September 7, 2019

It's a case of "swings and roundabouts" but it does give you a different way of learning. I try and speak all my lessons out loud so the words don't get rusty. Happy learning to you

September 7, 2019

I do too, Linda. It's important because there's muscle memory involved. Little electric neural connections that happen so fast we couldn't possibly "think" of them. They must be practiced.

I didn't do this while I was learning Portuguese on Duolingo. I finished the tree and even reached level 25, but the result is that I can look at Portuguese text and translate it, but when I see my Portuguese colleague in the staff room, I am totally mute and unable to say anything.

September 8, 2019

I didn't know that, thank you! I use WhatsApp and messaging on my phone all the time and get the most annoying auto-corrections. I have to remember to hit the word I have just spelled out at the bottom of the message or it will convert it to who-knows-what English word. My iOS maps app is in Italian and Google Maps in Spanish, which made many of my Google applications on my laptop also convert to Spanish. Bring it on! Thanks again.

September 8, 2019
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