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  5. "اَلْقاهِرة عاصِمة تاريخِيّة."

"اَلْقاهِرة عاصِمة تاريخِيّة."

Translation:Cairo is a historic capital.

September 7, 2019



Duolingo -- "a historic" is correct, because the "h" is pronounced. If it were "istoric" (no "h") then yes, AN ISTORIC would be correct. But as it is, A HISTORIC is correct


'An historic' is correct.... native English speaker:)


haha. I'll pile on as well. I wrote "an historic" and it said that I have a typo. No, it wasn't. I meant to write "an historic".

What is weird is that many people are having the opposite problem. Evidently they wrote "a historic" (and presumably meant to write "a hsitoric" so it wasn't a typo) and they are being told that they have a typo.

I've long known that duolingo has trouble distinguishing between a typo and an error, but this is the first time I've seen cases where if I write A it says B but if I write B it says A.

As for "a" or "an" here, I decided to look into it after I saw this thread and I learned that either is acceptable in English. Although for me, "an historic" does seem correct. According to Merriam Webster, "a historic" is a bit more common. Chicago Manual of Style agrees. Either is correct, but "a historic" is slightly more common since 1939. Before 1869, "an historic" was more common. In between they were about equally used.

According to a google Ngram viewer, the usage ratio is currently about 10.19 to 3.62 in favor of "a historic". It would seem that you and I are not very stylish, maria960299.

حظا طيبا


well, i think y'all rock & i agree completely!


Yeah i agree, it is "an historic" ("an" before a word beginning with "h") but in spoken english people just say "a" historic. The "an" is supposed to help you pronounce historic.


AN historic????????? Are you kidding???


The correction is 'an historic capital'. In English and American English the 'h' is pronounced so it would be 'a historic capital'. 'A' is not a typo.


I always learned that "an" goes before "historic"... so I will continue that tradition. Duo tells me its a typo... it is not!!!


Duo accepted my "an".


It says i made a typo, but i wrote exactly the same as the answer given above.


Like latin for h


See earlier remarks; 'a'is not a typo and I do not know if 'an' is correct (maybe in a local adaptation that does not pronounce the 'h').


What about the vowels..duo? .!!..a e i o u...!!


I think strictly speaking it shoukd have "city" on the end of that sentence. I know we are lazy and we dont always say it, but i think it needs "city" .

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