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why not using the Klingon alphabet and writing system?

instead of using the Latin alphabet, isn't it better to use the Klingon alphabet?

September 7, 2019



There are arguments to be had on both sides and I'm not sure one is clearly "better". Personally, I very much wish our course taught the pIqaD ("Klingon letters"), but there are a few strong arguments against it.

1) It creates a lot of extra complication for the programmers and we already get much less support and attention than the big courses. I would rather the programmers concentrate on correcting the existing problems.

2) Most of the other learning materials and texts are also written using Dr. Okrand's Latin transcription. If students of this course try to read Hamlet in Klingon or other works that are available, they will not find them written in pIqaD.

3) There is no good way for students to enter pIqaD. There is no standard Unicode coding for the Klingon letters and no easy way to use a keyboard to type the pIqaD. Alternate transcription systems (like xifan hol) can be used and those on mobile devices are probably using virtual keyboards anyway. Having to deal with teaching a variety of users using a variety of platforms how to access and properly enter pIqaD is beyond the scope of this course.


4) The pIqaD presented by the Klingon Language Institute (which is what everyone recognizes) was not invented or mapped by Marc Okrand, the creator of Klingon. Its provenance is a little weak. And before Discovery, nothing on screen written in Klingon was actually something you could read; it's just gibberish.


Any idea how we would type with it? What kind of keyboard would we have to download in order to use it?

The Latin (it is Latin, not American) alphabet works well enough for the purpose of this course.

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.

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