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New to Danish

Hi everyone I'm a new Danish learner.What can I do to boost my learning speed?! What do I need in order to learn this kind of confusing language?! Thanks

September 7, 2019



Listen and watch lots! I listen to danish podcasts and watch TV programs and films. I recommend Regnen/The Rain on netflix, with the Danish subtitles on! Also read aloud when you're studying.


Thanks for the recommendation, I’ve just watched the first minutes of The Rain in Danish and I understood quite a few things even though I’m not that far down on the Danish tree!


Hej. As others have said. Thanks for the tip about The Rain TV programme. I really enjoyed it and it gave me a little confidence boost that I can comprehend a good few Danish words now. Thanks :)


Thanks for The Rain tip! I look forward to watching it. It's odd that the fact it is in Danish is not mentioned in the ad texts. At least, I couldn't find anything that would have alerted me if I hadn't been told.


Use what you learn as much as possible, there is not that many rules in Danish, so use what you learn and kind of accept the language and how it is.


I found that focusing on listening to Duolingo sentences - rather than reading the text - is especially helpful with Danish.


I agree. I'm really enjoying working through the Danish exercises and listening is the best part for me.

It is confusing only if you try to read it before hearing any. It's much better to get your ear tuned in first.


Just practise a lot and watch some documentaries on danish :)

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