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  5. "Puella crustulum velit."

"Puella crustulum velit."

Translation:The girl would like a cookie.

September 7, 2019



Again, classical Latin does not use the subjunctive in this way. Vult should be the correct verb here. Independent uses of the subjunctive do not show politeness.


Would the Latin subjunctive be correct if the English sentence was continued with "if ...", for example, "The girl would like a cookie if it cost less"?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, that would justify the subjunctive


    Yes; we could make it potential ("She might like a cookie!").


    Not sure what you mean


    The potential subjunctive is one way to use the present subjunctive in Latin: looking (slightly) into the future and speculating on what might happen. It's the difference between "she wants" (vult, pres. indic.), "she will want" (volet, fut. indic.), and "she might want, maybe she wants" (velit, pres. subj., interpreted as potential).

    [deactivated user]

      All the options (velim, velis, velit) are possible. “I, a girl, would like a pastry”; "You, a girl, would like a pastry"; "She, a girl, would like a pastry” ( = "The girl would like a pastry”).


      I'm curious if anyone answered "the cookie" v "a cookie." I'm guessing a specific cookie would warrant the use of a word such as "that" indicating a particular cookie. Lacking this word, it's just any old cookie. Maybe?


      I used the word velim as in I would like or I want . Why was I marked incorrect please.?


      Isn't it a 3rd person singular verb that's needed, if Puella (the girl) is the subject?

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