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  5. "The five sons do not sleep."

"The five sons do not sleep."

Translation:Quinque filii non dormiunt.

September 7, 2019



Hey, about numbers: does only two receive the noun's gender, and all the others stay the same?


"Unus", "duo" and "tres" are, as far as I know, the only cardinal numerals that decline for gender and/or case. All others are undeclinable.


Thanks. I also read a few weeks ago that the declinability of duo were a remnant of the number dual, which was already dead in the region when Latin evolved, so I'm a bit surprised that tres too can be declined. Just by geeky curiosity, does anyone know why?


I also thought that only 1, 2 & 3 were declinable in Latin, but, e.g. 200 (ducentī, -ae, -a) is declinable


I trust the Dickinson College commentaries.

According to Lewis&Short, 900 (nongenti, ae, a) is also declinable.


I came here wondering the same. Someone pls help.

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