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"Quinque feminae domi dormiunt."

Translation:Five women are sleeping at home.

September 7, 2019



What exactly is the pronunciation of Quinque? Individual word pronunciation is not possible for this word


Quinque is actually cognate with English five. This may seem a bit strange, but P and Kw are common developments between different Indo-European languages.

Indo-European 'pénkwe' = Latin 'quinque' (Proto-Italic 'kwenkwe'), and Proto-Germanic 'fimf' (Pre-Proto-Germanic 'pimpe').

In English the Ingvaeonic Nasal Spirant Law means that nasal sounds are lost before fricatives (-nth, -ns, -nf), thereby lengthening the vowel (Old English fīf, modern five), whereas in Scandinavian languages the fricative is lost, but the nasal is doubled (Old Norse fimm), while German keeps both (fünf).

The same can be seen in Four (kwetwóres > quattuor = kwetwōr > petwōr, fedwōr > fēowor > four)


This reader is clearer in this sentence


How can I recognize which time I have to use? Sorry my native language is German, so I learn two languages at once.


I exactly put the right answer but put it wrong

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