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  5. "Tu familiares visitas."

"Tu familiares visitas."

Translation:You visit relatives.

September 7, 2019



Almost like spanish! Tú visitas familiares.


Tu visiti famiglia - Italian. It definitely is is the precursor to these languages.


Tu visiti i famigliari. In Italian there are articles, unlike in Latin.


what's the difference between visitas and visitatis


2020-03-03 Number:

visitas => singular you (thou)

visitatis => plural you (you all)


"familiares" means "servants, housemates" at least in all Latin German-Dictionary I have consulted. It also can mean familiar (Vertrauter /te) . The latin word for a relative is propinquus or cognatus, (and more ....) In an English Dictionary I found "familiar acquaintance/friend" or "member of household (family/servant/esp. slave)."


In my dictionary, it means servants, housemates OR friends of the family.

Translated by "relatives" in English, doesn't sound 100% right, as relatives mean mainly "someone who has the same blood, parents"

For instance Oxford's definition:
A person connected by blood or marriage.
‘much of my time is spent visiting relatives’

I guess the reason is because there are no exact translation in English for this term. Familiares means the extended family, with slaves, servants, daughters, sons, all the people in the household depending from the paterfamilias. (In some context, it seems it could also mean extended family as cousins and very close family's friends).

As the definition of the family changed, it's not a wonder we meet difficulties to find an exact translation.

"Relatives" is maybe not a good translation, but it's probably the less bad, the closest.


Not so wide or it would be clientes.


relatives - family members ....what's the difference ?


why is you visit family not acceptable?

[deactivated user]

    Why is tu needed


    "Tu" isn't necessary because of the word ending -s on the verb. So you could type "familiares visitas" and it would still be correct. Tu, ego, nos, etc. are typically used for emphasis, but you don't need them.

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    It's not.


    I put family for relatives and it was marked wrong. Are they different words in Latin?

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