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Com licença!

I teach the English side of 3rd grade at our Portuguese dual-immersion school. I love everything about elementary students learning a second language, particularly in the United States!

My Brazilian partner teacher has a "Portuguese only" rule in her classroom, so when I go across the hall to speak to her or her students, I ought to follow suit. I knew Spanish before I started learning Portuguese and would interrupt her class by saying, "Com permiso." On Duolingo I learned that "com licença" is the proper way to say "excuse me." Though my partner teacher was too nice and never corrected me when I erred, she did notice a change when I fixed my "Portañol." Thanks, Duolingo! :)

September 7, 2019



que história linda. tome um lingot.

boa sorte.


Speaking Spanish in Portugal tends to get a much less humoured reaction :D


"com licença" has the same meaning of "con permiso". You may use it with "no fear". I am not sure but I think "excuse" is used as a "sorry" too in english, Case I'm right, "com licença" may not to be used like this.

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