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  5. "Ad forum is."

"Ad forum is."

Translation:You go to the market.

September 8, 2019



Isn't it "is" for "he"?


is as a pronoun is he, yes.

But, here it is a second person singular form of ire (to go). So it translates as you go.

With macrons is for he, īs for you go.


Thank you very much


The voice clip in this sentence clearly said "is", not "īs".


Sadly sometimes the audio is not without issue.


A local town ten miles from me has a covered market called - the Forum. Ad Forum cras iter facio.


Isn't ad+accusative "into" rather than "in" - so "You go into the market"? But "into" is marked as wrong.


It makes little sense, you to to the market when you want to go there to buy things.

Ad + accusative is rather "toward", as a move. It can be translated by several propositions in English, depending on the context, like To, toward, near to, against.


I go "into" a supermarket, which is just a glorified market; in everyday usage I would say "I'm going to Sainsbury's later", but if I were talking to someone on my phone about to enter the shop, I'd say "I'm just going into Sainsbury's now". Similarly when I buy my vegetables at my local covered market, I walk "into" the covered market. I agree that "toward" is a valid translation, but that wasn't on the list - but "to" and "into" both were. I think either "into" should be accepted, or it simply shouldn't be there as an option.


What you say may be true, but "into" would be translated differently in Latin.

In forum eo. -> I go into the market.
Ad forum eo. -> I go to/toward the market.

Ad + accusative doesn't imply that the person reached their destination, just that they are going toward a place. In + accusative provides the meaning of entry / successful arrival.


In and accusative is into or onto. In and nominative is in or on


The audio says ‘Ad forum is’ (‘To the market he’) rather than ‘Ad forum īs’ (‘He/She/It goes to the market.’). I have reported it.


They don't have macrons on duolingo for some reason it kind of bothers me but that's okay I like being bothered


Is forum in the governmental sense derived from market or are they homographs.


Forum = Marketplace, where people meet and share ideas.


'You go to the forum' is not accepted. Cūr?


forum is also the root of forensic i.e. examined in the gorum


What's wrong with "To the market you go."

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