"Wechseln wir das Thema?"

Translation:Do we change the subject?

April 20, 2013

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it's already the fourth time that I'm trying to complete this lesson and everytime I faile to complete it because of those stupid answers. For this one I wrote "shall we change the subject?" which, as you can expect, was said to be wrong.


This will probaby be "Sollen wir das Thema wechseln?"


Literary, yes. But when we consider the meanings of those sentences, it's becoming clear that "shall we change the subject" sounds more natural. I think the german sentence "Wechseln wir das Thema" is much more like an offer or asking( like when you see that some subject is unpleasant for your friend, and you ask him that question ) and in that case it's equivalent to english sentence "Shall we change the subject". Don't you agree with me?


Yes, you may be right. The best way is to report the sentence and suggest to add your answer as a possible translation. The developers will decide if it is acceptable.


I did it one month ago.


I just reported the same. "Shall we change the subject" is how it would commonly be phrased in English so it should clearly be accepted as it conveys the sentiment perfectly adequately.

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