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  5. "तुम परसों कहाँ थे?"

"तुम परसों कहाँ थे?"

Translation:Where were you the day before yesterday?

September 8, 2019



Can someone explain to me why after tum there is "the" at the end? I thought tum is informal and singular?


तुम is intermediate in formality between तू and आप and conjugates as plural (except with the present tense form of the verb होना for which it has its own special form - हो). तू conjugates as singular and आप as plural.

That said, all the three forms can be used to refer to a single person (based on intimacy, age and other factors). तुम and आप can also be used to refer to multiple people but usually, 'तुम लोग'/'आप लोग' ('you people') is used for this purpose.


Why not tho at end??


The only verb for which तुम has a special form is the present tense form of होना (हो). For every other verb, it conjugates with the regular plural forms of verbs. Therefore, nothing like थो exists.


I think it would be more natural to say "where were you two days ago"


Interesting, both seem natural to me. What is it about "the day before yesterday" that strikes you as odd?


Both are natural yeah. I would normally say "two days ago" just because it is shorter and easier, I don't really use "the day before yesterday" much as it seems a little long. I suppose it is grammatically fine though

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