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  5. "Discipulus bene scribit."

"Discipulus bene scribit."

Translation:The student writes well.

September 8, 2019



Audio: sounds like "discipules".


I totally agree.

I found Latin pronunciation weird in general in Duolingo. It would be nice if the voices were from some romance language speakers, not from American English speakers. Long vowels always sound as diphtongs, r sounds like a schwa, d sounds are similar to th like in thing, short vowels are often pronounced with an English style, and the like.

I think any romance language speaker would do a better job, someone Italian, Catalan, Spanish, or similar, who better knows the Latin sounds.


Yes! As a Brazilian, this was quite annoying since the beginning. The Latin pronunciation in duolingo is all wonky, and speaking one of the closest languages to Latin (both in pronunciation and rythm) it's... very frustrating. How hard is it to pronounce the V as V, instead W? I know Latin had the same letter for both V and U, but it's really not that hard. It would be much better if they had latin language speakers to record these audios. As surprising as it can be, not even the modern italian is that close. Just get someone who knows how to pronounce to teach the pronunciation.


I first thought I heard "discipulos" but then there was "scribit"... Diphtongs like "ae" are the worst part of pronunciation in the course, though (except for that Italian guy). "Puellae", and you hear "Puellai". I am grateful for the course, just pointing it out if someone from the authors team would some day read through the comments section and this helps him in making a decision to overwrite this American pronunciation with the correct classical one.


I could be wrong, but I was to the impression—even before beginning this course—that ‹ae› is supposed to be pronounced with the diphthong /aɪ̯/ in classical pronunciation. Is this not so? If not, how should it be pronounced?


I was always taught that ae was pronounced a-ey!


Hard to explain as the vowels in english have a very different pronounce, it's something like "ee", but slightly more nasal


I also agree with that


shudder the audio really creeps me out >_


Oh, an adverb! This is the first I see outside the greetings lesson. More please! :D


Is it scribet or scribit? The audio clearly says scribet, with a long E. The exercise is " write what you hear" but when I do I get it wrong. I will rapport the audio as incorrect, but if it is the writing that is incorrect (and not the audio), please correct me.


I think it is "scribit" and not "scribet", the English accent of the speaker is misleading you.


I could not hear the word 'bene' properly and wondered what it referred to. The sound is really appalling at times. But it's still fun to learn!


So, how do we know that bene is describing the writing and not the student?

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