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  5. "جَدَّتي"


Translation:my grandmother

September 8, 2019



Isn't grandmother just خدة ? Where does the ت come from?


Grandmother is جدة (jadda), my grandmother is جدتي (jaddati) Same example: Wife is زوجة (zawja), my wife is زوجتي (zawjati)

The silent ة (t) mostly exists in grammatically feminine words and it changes to a normal ت when you put ي (i) after it, in this case to indicate that the grandmother/wife is my grandmother/wife


Tried "my granny". Duo doesn't like it. What would it make of the regional British "nan" or "nanna"?

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Does the Arabic allow for that kind of familiarity? In English there are contexts where "my grandmother" would be appropriate but "my granny/grandma/nanna/nan/gran/etc/etc/etc" might not be. I'm curious; does Arabic have this huge variety of affectionate titles for grandparents?

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