"From March until May."

Translation:De março a maio.

April 20, 2013

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can anyone clarify the distinction between de and desde in portuguese? Is it exactly the same as in spanish? Thank you.


From/of = de.

Since/once = desde, indicating the start of an action or a condition (desde -once- que você não se atrase).

"Desde março" would indicate it has gone. (É junho, e as inscrições foram desde [de] março até maio).

"De março" may indicate it will happen (as incrições ocorrerão de março até maio)

(not too sure if it helped you...)


Very good explanation Paulenrique!


now that de and desde are cleared up.... what's the difference between a and até


in this sentense thereis no difference between "a" and "até". But remember that "a" has lots of other meanings and functions different from "até". "a" can be article, preposition, a particle( don't know if this is the best english word for that) to define feminine gender, etc..


Is " De março até maio" also valid?

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"ate" was my first answer but it wasn't accepted.


Can someone explain why you cannot write para instead of a


When you have "From XXX to YYY", you should use "De XXX a YYY" (except when it is about people:

  • De Paulo para Sandra
  • De março a abril
  • Do verão ao inverno (or "do verão até o inverno")
  • Das 9h às 18h


do de and desde are cleared up, can anyone explain why it's de and not do?


'Do março' would mean "from THE March" (the month). Which doesn't make sense even in English. 'De março' is simply "From March..."

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