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German empire's language:

German language was spoken in German empire and first years of 20th century, was same as this German language that is spoken now?

July 24, 2012



There have been some changes. Some words are not used anymore, other words (like "Internet") have been added. There have also been a couple of minor grammatical alterations and two spelling reforms. However, it is still basically the same language and I have no problem reading a text from that period (I'm a native German speaker).

Edit: If you're talking about the period starting with Germany's unification in 1871, that is. It is more difficult to read texts that were written before the 18th or 19th century. And it gets extremely difficult for any text written before the 1350s.


Which of the several empires do you have in mind?


Katherle, thanks! you said like Farsi, my native language is Farsi. Ask every question you want!


I know many empires, such as :Persian empire,Islamic empire,German empire,French empire,British empire,Japanese empire,Chinese empire,Russian empire,Roman empire,Italian empire,Ethiopian empire etc.


What I emanrt was: Which German empories do you have in mind? THat of Charles the Great, its followers eg of the Habbsburg, the so-called second German empire of WWI or the third of WWII?


Fuchs! The royal family of german empire is "Hohenzolern" family.they are living in Germany in the fame, but they don't have power now and they didn't have ruled a piece of Germany ,after 1919.sorry if I can't answer your question.

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