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Celebrating Blinging Out My Tree

This is a good-bye post & a thank you. Today I accomplished my Duolingo goal. I started Duolingo 836 days ago, and today I have blinged out my Spanish tree. It is now completely gold. Using Duolingo and a few other sources, I'm now a solidly B1 Spanish speaker and working very hard to become B2. Duolingo has played a supporting role in getting me this far (although I have supplemented with a lot of other online classes and real-life speaking practice), and so for that I would like to thank EVERYONE at Duolingo.

As I leave Duolingo, I continue working towards my ultimate goal that I set for myself in 2017 to achieve a strong B2 level by 2020. Even though I began learning Spanish as an adult, I'm hopeful that with daily practice I may eventually achieve C1, but that is a goal for another day!

Cheers to all you language learners! I wish you all continued success.

Signing off, MelCohn

September 8, 2019



Goodbye & GL with the rest of your incredible journey! :D


As you get up to leave, I nip in and grab your seat. Congratulations and thanks for the goodbye post, it gives us adult beginners something to aspire to as we stare into the abyss and wonder if we will ever make it.


Hotblack66 -- You will make it! Just grab on tight to that seat.

Consider starting the reverse Spanish to English tree. It will reinforce what you have learned from the English to Spanish.


great idea thanks! from another adult beginner


My compliments! Cheers, good luck and goodbye.


buena suerte, mi amigo


goodbye and good luck!!


GJ buddy, gluck on your endeavours.


Felicitación! Entonces has alcanzado un nivel para comunicarte con la gente de Espanol.

Yeah, it takes time to learn a language properly. Duolingo is a great tool, especially to start or refresh a language to learn the basic vocabulary and the basic grammar rules, but of course it takes more to reach B1 or even B2. You have to fill in the hours and the different tools and of course the communication in a real life situation.

I started learning Spanish as pensioner but made a break after around 500 days when I had finished level A2, other interests got the better of me. But that's not enough to be at least fairly fluent in a language. Now I've restarted to follow your example. B2 is my goal and enough for my purpose.

Adiós y buena suerte camino a C1


Excelente, sigue asi. Nunca es tarde para volver a empezar. La Vida es simple, Has lo que tengas que hacer sin Mirar atras. By Toretto. Exitos.


MEL COHN! Por favor no sale! Haces el arbol reverso! El arbol es mucho divertido. Por favor...QUEDARTE con Duolingo. El lugar no serai el mismo sin tu! Por favor Mel...reconsidar. Gracias.


Si el arbol reverso es differente y mas sofisticado. Me cambio Ger-Esp -> Eng-Esp -> Esp-Ger -> Esp-Eng . Eso es menos aburrido y enlazas mejor los diferentes idiomas.


Suena bien, excelete punto de vista. Gracias por el punto de vista.


Es su decision, y hay que respetarlo. Ya el tiempo desidira si vuelve o no. Solo queda aprender de el y su esfuerzo. exitos.


How did you manage that??? I get so bored repeating the same frases over and over again.


La clave esta en, tener claro tus objetivos y sobre todo, tener un ferbiente Motivo o motor para que ese ABURRIMIENTO pase a HABITO DIARIO. Creeme se te hace mas divertido cuando logras entender diariamente sobre el idioma de tu preferencia. Exitos y sigue asi.


Congrats! Question ... How did you determine that you are now at a B1?


Excelente, aunque eso sera un Hasta luego, por que Duolingo se esta mejorando dia a dia, es por ello que espero volver a ver en esta excelente comunidad. Te felicito por tan tremendo trabajo. Eres un claro ejemplo a seguir, y desde ya mis Respetos y Gratitud. Sigue asi. No pares. Te sigo. Veo que tu racha lo dice todo, constancia, perseverancia y sobre todo tienes bien en claro tu Proposito, Sueño.

Calo mucho en mi tu comentario. Gracias por compartir tu vivencia y experiencia en DUOLINGO. Un fuerte abrazo a la distancia. Nos Vemos en las Mejores Playas del Mundo ;)


Te viste un vídeo motivaciónal?


Si, infinada de videos motivaciones. Por que?


A parting tune for your journey....Adios Mi Compadre [Buddy Lewis] 2006. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKaHbotLNPc


Sending you 20 lingots for your congratulations. :D


That's amazing! Good luck :)


omg lol I love stray kids too :)


oh wow hi fellow stay!! who's your bias?


Congratulations on your achievement!


@MelCohn ... por favor quedarte.
Podrias probar el arbol reverso. Reconsiderar... por favor no te ir!


Bravooo and good luck and good bye


Good by and all the best!


MelCohn - Wow dude, what a way to ride out into the sunset. Congratulations!


Congrats!!! I hope one day I will get there LOL

Out of curiosity what other apps/sites did you find helpful?


Bien viaje, y buena suerte!


... No te vayas CHAVO!!! ;)


Best of luck and congratulations! :0)


Good luck and bye...

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