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"Eight divided by two is four."

Translation:ʻEwalu puʻunaue ʻelua he ʻehā.

September 8, 2019



why does divided by syntax differ from multiply? There is no "i" before the number two in divided by, yet if this was multiply by, the letter i would appear before the number.


I have the same question.


Just to possibly simplify things, here's what the math teachers at the Niʻihau charter school on Kauaʻi are saying: ʻelua hoʻohui ʻehā he ʻeono (2 plus 4 is 6); ʻewalu lawe ʻehiku he ʻekahi (8 minus 7 is 1); ʻelua hoʻonui ʻehā he ʻewalu (2 times 4 is 8); ʻewalu puʻunaue ʻelua he ʻehā (8 divided by 2 is 4). Hope this helps.


Now if we can only get Duo to agree with this nice easy math presentation, life would be great!


It helps tremendously. That is a consistency I can live with. Thanks!


BTW, the above works fine for simple math equations, but once you start putting the information into full grammatical sentences, things will get more complicated. Sorry about that.


Ha! Mahalo nui!

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